Pre-Retirement Training and Capacity Building

Our solutions can help both public-and private-sector organizations improve their institutional capacity by enhancing existing skill sets and developing new ones. We help governments to build the capacity they need to effectively and independently tackle economic and social issues.

We support small and medium businesses in enhancing their human capital in order to become more agile and competitive. We work closely with client’s organizations to define their training needs and develop tailored training courses.

Courses are delivered by qualified certified trainers and emphasize sustainable improvements in organizational capacity and continuity through train-the-trainer programs.

Our training model focuses on participatory and hands-on learning through small, interactive sessions and are case based.

Pre-Retirement Seminar & Training Services

African Themes Limited provides educational support to public/private employees who want to gain a better understanding of their government benefits and prepare adequately for retirement. All our retirement planning seminars are designed to help employees make the choices that will best support their long-term financial and retirement goals. We offer courses for employees at all career levels… Our retirement planning courses are generally one or two days in length. We offer open-enrollment and agency sponsored training.

This retirement seminar is designed to expose employees to alternative approaches to retirement in less than 5-7 years time and how they will best confront real life economic issues after their retirement in public/private organization. The training courses will show participants that retiring from employment need not become a calamity and also focus on eliminating such fears from participants by providing the tools to combat these challenges.

It also introduces participants to post-retirement Entrepreneurship and they are taken through an orientation of “entrepreneurial personality” which, rather than be characterized by a propensity for risk taking, will, among other things, focus success on one thing – “opportunity focused.”  They will learn a number of entrepreneurial logics and make them to dig deep into ideas underlying a product or service they may think of producing, prepare the ideas, get started, and keep it going with commitment.

The retirement training will also give the participants the ways to:

  • Prepare participants for the phases and types of retirement as well as psychological experiences.
  • Propositions on how time might be spent daiy and how to find a fulfilling lifestyle in retirement.
  • Enlightenment about common illnesses faced in later life, symptoms, prevention and cures.
  • Tips to remain healthy and active in retirement.
  • Develop strategies to ensure financial sustainability during the retirement period.
  • Enlightenment on long-term estate planning.
  • Equip trainees with relevant knowledge for starting and managing an alternative business or career in Nigeria.

Within the public sector, we have been recognized by the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) and we are listed as approved supplier of their pre-retirement seminar and training services.