Leading With Empathy

02 Jun 2019

When considering determinants of longevity and quality of life as we age, it’s clear that having genuinely healthy relationships is at or near the top of the list.

In deconstructing what makes a relationship healthy, it is believed that one essential element is the ability to thoughtfully discuss differences of opinion and resolve conflict. Which brings us to what is considered to be a true superpower: the ability to lead with empathy.

When one gets hurt and feels anger or resentment, it’s exceedingly difficult to have the emotional capacity to understand the other side’s point of view. This is especially true when the other side has a gripe with us, as we are likely feeling criticized and rejected.

Leading with empathy is a conscious act that involves putting our wounds to the side for a moment and channeling all of our energy into understanding what the other is feeling.

It isn’t a technique meant to manipulate thoughts or feelings. Leading with empathy is a conscious act that flows from intention to truly understand the other’s perspective, which hopefully eases or even fully erases their pain. Ideally, this leads to the other person doing the same for you.

Jay Shetty recently wrote and produced a short video that carries this message on the value of leading with empathy. If this topic is of interest to you, please have a look here:

We wish you and your loved ones more meaningful days.